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About us

Kennel Amuloga consists of:
Luise Galka Mulbjerg

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Luise: Is 36 years living on Fyn and has some of the dogs I grew up with dogs and have always been fond of dogs. My spare time I like to walk, train and exhibit dogs, private I in comparison with Peter Fallesen 57 years and we have a dougther at 1 year old. Peter have also have two girls aged 17 to 20 years.

My dogs:
My dogs are primarily family pets, but are also trained to pull and for obedience as well as being exhibited in shows both home and abroad.

We emphasise that our dogs are healthy, calm and relaxed with both children and strangers.
Puppies have to be planned well in advance. It’s important for me that they grow up in my house so I can imprint them as well as possible.

The Alaskan Malamute is a very instinctive dog, so it’s very important, actually essential, that imprinting is 100%



Kennel inside

Kennel inside /puppy kennel

Kennel inside /puppy kennel

Room for dog things

My mal steel Uni show how step by step

Dj looking they lern from each other

now we are ready

Mom how did you do it

stimulation of your dog when it eat

outeside kennels
A mal like to remain high as a plato or tabel is always good