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Newsfrom 2017 some of my puppies in top more opdate´s to come

Amuloga's Ice Wolf

Snocreek Chamber Of Secrets ROM x BIS Multi.Ch Lady Of The Night Inditarod 

Ice hasn't been in the showring in 5 years. I decided to take her out this year as a veteran, but I wasn't prepared for how the year would turned out with her. She has done an amazing job, never let me down. Always happy and goofing around like a puppy ❤️

This is her winning for only 2017
- Club veteran champion 
- Polar Gold Cup Veteran Winner
- Best Alaskan Malamute Bitch 
- Best Alaskan Malamute veteran 
- 2nd best Veteran of the club

Amuloga’s MISS Sunshin

DKCH,PLCH,VDHJCH, Hannover Jugdensiegerin 2014
This is only from 2017
- 5 x BOS
- CRUFTS Qualified 2018
- DKK Racewinner 2017
- Polish Champion
Amuloga´s Withe Fang Flower

DKCH = Dansh Champion
Amuloga´S Crash Boom Bang

Amuloga´s She´s Got The Look
- 1xBim
- CRUFT Qualifiedt 2018

28.04.2013 - Club Show in Karlslunde
Yes it was quite an experience I must say DJ my little babay went all the way and was BIS Baby. Uni the upcoming Mother now has a BIS 3 on
her resume. Her daughter Leska was 4 best female bedere it can hardly be :) but it does Leska's brother Junior who lives in Sweden BOB on Saturday in a National show.
Thanks to Anetta Therese Schøtt Johansen to help act Leska at best bitch :) and many thanks to all the lovely people who were at the show and just helped make the day perfect.


BIS Baby




01.02.09-2012 - Polar dog Cup Nyborg Denmark

Coda BIS 1 Junior Class Saterday
Thea BIS 3 Junior Class Sunday
Ashanti BIS 3 Veteran Class Sunday

BIS 2 Progney Class Sunday

Knuth BIS Breeders Class Sunday

Knuth´s Puppies Sunday

The 3 Sisters from left Prue then Thea & Piper

The 2 brothers from left Cooper & Coda
Video from the show big thanks to Maja Andersen (Owner of Atka)
>> Watch video

Atka:Very Prommesing 1

Leska: Very Prommesing 1




19.05.2012 - World Show in Austria

Amuloga´s Greatest Choice Bedste hvalp på
Verdens Udstillingen i Østrig

05.02.2012 - Inoff show


The last Show in Herning whent great Amuloga's Snow Flake (Quanook) in Junior Class won his class Rikke you have done a fantastic job. Dan whent to Czech Republic. Lady of The Night Inditarod (Lady) was Czech Champion. Kotuko Fade To Black (Jet) also did well there were 7 males in open class and Jet was ranked No. 3 and 4.Men we do not stop here Amuloga's Snow Princes (Nifa) 2nd in junior class. Dan, thanks Michael Karstensen & My Alaskan Master Price (Kinao) for a great trip.
We thank everyone for the loan of our breeding for shows. Saturday was all EXC. and most were plased. Sunday was the most EXC. and some had CK too.
Thanks for the contest and all the wonderful arrangmenter there has been this year we hope to see many of the new / old puppy buyers on the pitch again next year.

Yeah what day in rain In open class female Under Silver Moon Inditarod EXC. 1 CAC BOS. in Open Class male Amuloga´s Black Chief EXC. 2. In Junior class female Amuloga´s Snow Princess EXC.1. Nr 1. in progeny Class 3 diffrent combinations That also did that we have the best PROGENY CLASS of the year for the second year in row. A big thanks to our puppy buyers from Team Amuloga. Pics will come soon

Show in Denmark Amuloga´s Snow King best puppy 2 days, Amuloga´s Snow Prince best puppy 1 day Amuloga´s Snow Lady was also on her first show and did very well, Under Silvermoon Uni Inditarod did also a great job at her first show with us 3 best female. Amuloga´s Black Chief became 3 best male. Amuloga´s Lone Wolf NEW DANSK CHAMPION, Asim Polárni Úsvit end´s the day withe BIG Thanks to who made this a great weekend.

Club Show in Dk it al whent pretty well. Amuloga´s Snow King BIS 2 Baby, Chappes Cathing last Chance BIS 1 Puppy og Amuloga´s Crying Wolf EXC.1 CAC. 1 in progeny Class with Chago,Knuth,Ice og Aashka. Thank you all for a wonderful day


Amuloga´s Snow King BIS 2 Baby

Nr. in progeny Class a big thanks to Charlotte, Julie and Michael


Penny, Kiano & Ice what a weekend we had . A big thanks tol Michael & Pernille for brining Penny to Norway

Til Højre My alaskan Masterprice EXC.1 CAC, CACIB BOS Norway Champion.
Kotuko BB Miss MoneyPenny EXC. 1 CAC,CACIB, BOB BIG 4 Norway &International champion


Show in DK



Our first show this year Ashanti became Club Champion. Lady & Jet´s Puppy Chako took it all BIS baby. Lady´s other daugther Amuloga´s Ice Wolf took a point for danish champion, now there is only one more to go. Big congtrats to Kennel Nightmute and a big thanks to our superhandler Mie Bay.



Santa Claus with sled dogs

for the 2 year in row Kennel Amuloga, Betina and Anders helpt Santa, so he cut wissit all the children. Who was waiting for him


The last show of the year in DKK goes with some fantastic results. Asim BIG 2 and had another titel Danish Winner 2010. His Daugther Qaniq became Danish Champion. Dan and I thank our great friend and puppy buyers for all there help and the great time we had togther. And again a BIG congrats to Mie Bay our private Super handler.

alaskan malamute
Multi BIS Champion Asim Polárni Úsviti BIG.2
Owner: Kennel Amuloga
Handler: Mie Bay
alaskan malamute
New Dansk Champion Amuloga´s Snow Train Of The Summer
Owner: Jesper Drejø
Handler: Mie Bay

Travel & Show

3 different countries in under a week, starting a tour to CZE had to get sleds and dogscooter. Ashanti was spayed because she has cataract and we found out that she had breast cancer, so we are force to have another surgery. But lucky if there is too much good we were in Europe show in Slovenia, which went so well that Penny was No 2 in the champion class, Asim won his class and got another new title. We had also a littel wissith in Austria were we sa Amuloga's Black Revenge, son of Penny he is just too delicious and live very well with two lovely cats and lots of play friends in the neighborhood. we would like to thank the Kennel Inditarod and Sabrina & Rainer for your Localized help and hospitality.



DKK International
A really good day for our kennel all the dogs we had entert, did very well we had puppies from the three first litter we have made a progney class we start with Luise with standing with Pink, Simon with Ice, Dan with
quanik, Mie with Storm and Julie with Bondit as on the day Represented breed with a BOB. Congratulations to all the fine results and a thousand thanks for your help. Would then just give Micahel a huge congratulations on his new DKCH MyAlaskan Masterpeice (Kiano)

Amulog´s What Wommen Whants & Aunt Czarik´s Fickx

DKK Int. BIS 2 Progney Class


International & Nationa i Bremen
Asim BOB both days and Big at the national
Amuloga´s Ice Wolf EXC. 1 CAC both days and BOB Junior the first day
Micco & Amuloga´s Ice Wolf nr.1 i coupel class

Asim Polárni Ùsvit
Micco & Ice
Ice enjoying camp-life after the show


World Dog Show Denmark
Junior Class: Kotuko Fade To Black EXC. 3 winner, Amuloga's Lone Wolf EXC. 4 winner
Open: Amuloga's Snowtrain Of The Summer EXC. 2 winner
Champion: Lady Of The Night Inditarod EXC. 3 winner, Asim polárni Úsvit EXC. 5 winner
There were between 12-20 dogs in each class so must say we are pretty happy with the results.

Kotuko Fade To Black (Jet)
Amuloga's Lone Wolf (Pink)
Lady Of The Night Inditarod (Lady)


What a show day in Germany
Kotuko Fade To Black EXC.1 CAC.(Junior) Amuloga's Lone Wolf EXC.1 CAC Neumünster 2010 BOB Junior BIG 2.
Lady Of The Night Inditarod EXC 1 CAC CACIB (became internatioal champion).
Asim Polarn Úsvit EXC. CAC CACIB Neumünster 2010 BOB and now VDH Champion.
Micco & Amuloga's Ice Wolf nr. 1 in couppel glass this was there first tim

pink   asim pink
Pink BIR 2 in groupe   Asim and Pink


Dogshow in Skive DK

Pink: EXC. 1 2v CERT BIS 3 Junior Progeny class and breeders groupe BIS with 4 females
from our Seeker Litter