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Dogs we will always remember:


Amuloga's Snow King - Chako

Born: 15.12.2010 - 03.05.2012
Another mal had to leve us this time it was young Chako. Charko was a lovely dog.He was loved by all he also showed him self good at show. Chako you will be missed by Breeder, freinds & Family


Danish Champion, International Champion, Club Champion Norway Champion, Amsterdamwinner 2007 & World Winner 2009

Kotuko BB MissMoney Penny - Penny

Born: 22.08.2006 -12.07.2011

Penny was Luise's soul mate right from the beginning, they just worked really well together. Penny was the type of dog you only find once in a lifetime. In addition to that she worked well in the kennel, and was a great show dog; her show results are quite fantastic. She also loved to run in front of the sled. We had to unfortunately say goodbye to our little Penny Monster many years before we expected, due to a very aggressive tumour in her throat. Now she can enjoy time together with her ​​two sons who also left us too soon.



Amuloga´s Snow Train Of The West - Sligo

Born 19.09.2008 – Died 23.08.2010
Sligo long awaited and wished for by the Murphy family, finally came home  .  Sligo progressed fantastically but his problems lie with us, he has just one testicle and unfortunately cannot be used to breed or to shows  ,but a fantastic family dog nevertheless. When he was one and a half years old he went to get his eyes checked when everything began to go wrong , he had cataracts . Of course you hear of many that everything goes fine with but in his case it was really bad and it began to develop at a lightning speed .In the space of three months he was nearly blind where it ended up he bit one of his owners severely due to him being frightened .It was that moment where the family and the kennel agreed that it was the right time for sligo to sleep long.



Amuloga's Black Bandit Zadun - Rico

Born 28.03.2010 - Died 26.05.2010
Rico came to kennel Zadun in Findland. Rico had a very short life, he came in in a terrible accident.
The damage was so severe that he could not be found, and Rico was forced to sleep. Rico had been waiting a long time
and when he arrived grace the new family just to get two days with this little puppy a few days before this
tragic accident happened. Rico was like an adventure that was too beautiful to be real.


Amuloga´s Magic Wolf- Darko

Born 11.03.2009- Død 3.1.2012

We took a heavy and difficult decision, Darko, who after a reassignment was ended by Kim and Jeanne, had to be put too sleep.. Darko was a malamut with a big ego and was very headstrong, he was loving, playful and happy dog but later it turned out that he was very uncomfortable with children. After working with him long would the fate that he snatched out by a small child and then the family had a hard time trusting him. After consultation with the kennel, they agreed that he was not served with yet another home and that the best thing for him would be to get a decent farewell.
Despite his relatively short time at the family (about 1 year), he was part of the family and he is very missed!

Darko was 1 of 9 puppies and brother of. Chago, Ice, Pink, Aashka, Wolfine, Nifa, Cheeza and Amanda.
From Seeker litter

R.I.P. Darko Amuloga's Magic Wolf